About Waste Oil


About Waste Oil

About Waste Oil

Some people remember when waste oil was much more of an environmental problem. From the earliest days of the automotive industry, when people thought nothing of pouring waste motor oil into nearby streams and waterways, things have changed dramatically.

It is true that oil is a natural product and will eventually break down in the environment. Certain microbes have been found that attack petroleum and help convert it over time into carbon dioxide, water and other basic elements as found in nature. However, with the volume of waste oil products generated in industrialized societies, and its proximity to fresh water sources and water supplies, for example, waste oil represents a potentially serious environmental problem.

The 1970’s Oil Crisis

In the 1970s there was a petroleum crisis of another sort. Gasoline and fuel oil supplies were threatened by lack of control over imports as well as by rising demand and fluctuations in oil refinery capacity. People waited in line for $2 worth of gasoline or less. Prices soared. Tempers flared.

At about that time, Ben Smoker, a resourceful businessman and inventor in Lancaster County, PA, came up with a simple and creative idea that would revolutionize the handling and economics of waste oil disposal, and give birth to a new industry. Having already patented several energy related products, Smoker’s approach was pure common sense for auto repair shops and other facilities where waste oil is plentiful.

The Creative Idea Behind Clean Burn

Why not burn the dirty motor oil you already have instead of paying a lot of money for scarce and expensive fuel oil?

Learn about waste oil heaters and boilers from Clean Burn.The first prototypes involved steel drums and old fuel oil burners. But it was soon discovered that burning waste oils for heat recovery would require more advanced technology than existed at the time.

An Industry Is Born

The development of the first Clean Burn waste oil furnaces in 1979 marked the creation and refinement of a new technology: waste oil combustion for heat recovery in a self contained, efficient and affordable system.

Today Clean Burn continues to lead the world in waste oil combustion equipment and technological expertise. Which is why when the story of waste oil furnaces is told, the story begins and ends with Clean Burn.


Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers turn a used product into a valuable fuel, thus conserving natural energy supplies. Here are some interesting facts.

  • Waste oil possesses nearly twice the energy value of coal and more energy than #2 fuel oil.
  • One gallon of waste oil has the same amount of energy as 18 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Two gallons of waste oil can provide electricity to run the average household for approximately 24 hours or… cook 48 meals in a microwave … blow-dry your hair 216 times … vacuum your house for 15 months … or keep your TV on for 180 hours.
  • You have a “Cradle to Grave” liability when your waste oil leaves your business.
  • Owners and managers can be held responsible and fined for accidental oil spills.
  • The EPA encourages on-site recycling.
  • Your waste oil is worth about $3.00 per gallon when used to heat your business.


Authorized Distributor

Person or business certified and trained to sell and service specific products.


British Thermal Units; a unit of thermal energy.


Flue from the furnace or boiler which creates draft and allows gases to escape.

Cradle-to-Grave Liability

The legal liability of a material from its generation to disposal regardless of third party involvement.

Energy Retention Disc

A composite material formed in the shape of a disc which is placed at the back of the combustion chamber for the purpose of capturing heat and to aid in heat dispersion.

EPA Approved

Accepted and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fuel Oil

Any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or boiler for the purpose of generating heat.

Heat Exchanger

A device which transforms cold, ambient air through the furnace into hot air, transferring it back into the room as hot air.

Metering Pump

Any regulated pump which transfers oil from a storage tank to the burner.


Is a forging process in which the dimensions of an item are altered using a die or dies, into which the item is forced. May also be referred to as Swedging.

UL Listing

Underwriters Laboratories; the trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions.

Used Oil

Any petroleum based or synthetic oil that has been used and is no longer suited to its original use. Often used interchangeably with “waste oil.”

Waste Oil

Any petroleum based fluid or synthetic oil that has become unsuited or unwanted for its original purpose through use or handling.

Waste Oil Burner

Any piece of equipment that heats, ignites, and combusts waste oil and is attached to a waste oil furnace or waste oil boiler.

Waste Oil Furnace

Any piece of equipment that utilizes waste oil as a fuel source to warm the contents of a forced-air heating system.

Waste Oil Heater

Any piece of equipment that utilizes waste oil as a fuel source to warm the contents of a forced-air heating system.

  • “A few years ago I purchased a budget waste oil furnace, but the thing quit on me about once a week. Then I got a Clean Burn Saturn from Eco Heating Systems. What a difference! It was really affordable and now my shop is nice and warm on those cold mornings. I never have to fuss with it, and best of all it saves me tons of money. It is one sweet machine.”

    Bruce Bowden Bruce Bowden Car Care
  • “The only way to beat the energy crisis is to invest in your own company to lower your heating costs. Putting a Clean Burn heater in your shop will reduce your heating bills, and anything you can do under your own roof to save money is a win/win situation.”

    Lou Caporaletti A. C. Tire Company
  • “Eco Heating installed 6 Clean Burns in 2008 to heat all our service areas. We saved a substantial amount on our heating costs.”

    Mike Sheckells Apple Ford
  • “We heat both of our truck repair facilities with Clean Burn waste oil furnaces. Our shops are large, and the Clean Burn furnaces save us more than $25,000.00 in fuel oil bills each winter. The furnace systems recycle our oil and save us money at the same time. That is a huge advantage to our business. nd EHS ia a great group to work with. The service and support we get from having a local distributor like that is really what sets Clean Burn apart.“

    Dave Barrett Barr Truck Group – International and Freightliner
  • “We installed a Clean Burn CB-2800 waste oil heater in October 1998. At 16 years old, this furnace is a workhorse and is still going strong! Our shop stays warm and my employees stay happy. Eco Heating Systems cleans our furnace for us annually, and I have to say they do a great job. They are professional and efficient, and I can always get help over the phone or on site when I need it.”

    Steve Foster Foster's Auto Service
  • “We have purchased two waste oil furnaces from Eco Heating Systems. After extensive research, we chose Clean Burn because the quality and construction is beyond compare. Eco Heating Systems’ office and service staff know their business. Our thermostats are set at 78 degrees, so bring on the cold weather! With no heating oil bills, it may not be heaven, but it’s close.”

    Greg Dressel Auto Tech Car Care, Inc.
  • “We purchased a second furnace from EHS because we were treated right the first time. In 2009, we purchased a Clean Burn waste oil furnace from Eco Heating Systems. Now five years later, we have saved more than $16,285. The key is to have plenty of storage to save your waste oil. Recently, we purchased a second Clean Burn for an additional building. We chose Eco Heating Systems to install our second furnace because Robert was competitive in pricing and really treated us right the first time. We love to save money, and a Clean Burn waste oil furnace helps us do just that.”

    Carbiz Carbiz Service Center
  • “I bought a Clean Burn waste oil furnace from Eco Heating Systems in 2007 because I had heard good things about the reliability of the furnace and because I liked EHS after talking to them. If I had another location, one of the first things I would do, would be to add a Clean Burn waste oil furnace.“

    Larry Frederickson Owner, Lisbon Citgo Auto Center
  • “We have used competitive brands in the past and there is no substitute for the efficiency, construction quality and reliability of our Clean Burn units. I would definitely recommend Clean Burn. They are a great partner for our dealerships.The personal service and support we get from them is really what sets Clean Burn apart. Being able to utilize this waste oil on site that would have otherwise been a toxic environmental hazard means a lot to us. Having a heating system that helps the environment by recycling our waste oil on-site while saving us money is a win-win situation for our business.“

    John Menso Criswell Auto Group, Gaithersburg, MD
  • “I had another cheaper brand of waste oil heater. It should have come with a ladder attached to it because I was up and down so much working on it. I replaced it with a Clean Burn heater and have had reliable, trouble free heat ever since.”

    Russ Charsha RC Service Center


Clean Burn waste oil heater equipment is engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn waste oils.


We are the market leader in waste oil fired furnaces and boilers, offering the best warranty in the industry.


Our units are purchased & serviced solely through our Distributor Network. Find your distributor now.


Learn more about our line of products and discover the advantage of owning a Clean Burn.

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