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Cool Cash Discounts and Leasing Offers

36 Equal Monthly Payments
Payments as low as $173.89/month! Contact us for more details.
12 Equal Payments @ 0% interest!
First and last payment due at installation, followed by 10 equal monthly payments. $1.00 buyout. Our most popular leasing plan!

*Offers may not be combined. Offers not valid on Saturn, CB-140 or CB-230 model furnaces.

We accept Visa and MasterCard! 
Do you have a card with a great cash back program? Have you been saving your credit card points for a family vacation? We take Visa and MasterCard!

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Clean Burn annual periodic maintenance 

Check the hour meter on your Clean Burn waste oil furnace, and call us at 866-888-1103. We’ll let you know if your furnace is ready for maintenance. Eco Heating Systems is your factory authorized Clean Burn distributor for Maryland and Southern Delaware. We have been servicing customers all over the State of Maryland including Baltimore, Frederick, Germantown, College Park, Laurel, Newburg, Leonardtown, Hollywood, Annapolis, Dover, Georgetown and Ocean City. Our service crew is on the road and ready to service your needs. Our warehouse is fully stocked with Clean Burn parts to better serve you.

Please call today to schedule a trained technician to come to your location and service your waste oil heater.

Your Periodic Maintenance will include the following:

  • Inspection of the furnace system
  • Clean out the ash from the furnace
  • Clean the canister filter
  • Clean CAD cell (electric eye)
  • Remove and block flush the burner
  • Install replacement components as required
  • Clean the check valve and screen
  • Examine barometric damper, make necessary adjustments
  • Reinstall and tune up the burner
  • Startup and check operation of the furnace

Financing at Eco Heating Systems: Call 866-888-1103

Consider Leasing

Why Lease a Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace or Boiler?

  1. Your investment in a Clean Burn waste oil heater will quickly pay for itself. It will save you money on your heating bills and increase income.
  2. Leasing offers flexible payment options and requires less money up front
  3. A lease allows the equipment to be paid for as it is used. You increase cash flow.
  4. Leasing preserves your credit lines. Bank lines and other sources are free to finance business expansion.
  5. Leasing may allow you better tax benefits. Check with your accountant.

Download a Flyer on the Benefits of Leasing

Take advantage of the 2015 Section 179 Tax Deduction for your New Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace

Yes, I want my Clean Burn today and pay later!