September 17, 2015

Clean Burn Technology


Clean Burn offers the best return on investment of any waste oil heater. What does this mean to you? A Clean Burn waste oil heater is a true investment which will pay you back.Unlike a propane or natural gas heater (which will NEVER pay you back), a Clean Burn from Eco Heating Systems will begin to pay for itself within the first few years. In addition, after your initial investment has been paid back, you will start MAKING money by reducing or eliminating your heating bills! You could never say that about gas, propane or standard fuel-oil heaters.

In addition, a properly maintained Clean Burn waste oil heater can last up to 15 years.With our swing-out burner design, maintenance is a snap.


Clean Burn waste oil heaters are designed from the ground up to be a used-oil burning furnace. They are NOT a converted waste oil burner like so many other brands on the market today.

Clean Burn is the only used oil heater on the market that can draw from an outside oil tank down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great advantage for smaller shops who can’t spare the floor space to keep their used oil supply inside.

The Clean Burn is designed with a swing-out burner to be easy to clean.

Clean Burn used oil boilers and furnaces can be used with your existing waste oil storage tank, or we can provide you with a new UL Listed tank.

All Clean Burn heaters are U.L. Listed and EPA approved.


Clean Burn waste oil heaters are known worldwide as the most reliable waste oil heater on the market. The Clean Burn metering pump uses a Bison gear motor with a capacitor start so that the pump can accurately deliver used oil to the burner in very cold temperatures (down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit). This means that your furnace will continue to pump oil in even the coldest weather!

In addition, the Clean Burn heat exchanger is designed to send more heat into your shop, not up the stack like with many competitive furnaces.

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